Valerie Massey

Director of Community, ArtCraft Entertainment

Video game industry veteran Valerie Massey is impassioned about everything related to video games with a particular fondness for the people who make and play them. Deftly parlaying that fascination into a career, she has been responsible for the ground floor community development of a number of AAA titles. A native Texan, Ms. Massey resides in Austin where she devotes her free time to raising awareness and donations for Get-Well Gamers, a charity that provides video games to children’s hospitals.

My Sessions

Moderation In Virtual Reality

Room 14

Virtual Reality is on the verge of opening up vast new landscapes of gaming experience. Unfortunately, that means that we are also on the cusp of seeing vast new ways of players being jerks to one another. How do you deal with that? Leading Community Management experts from a variety of backgrounds discuss the potential […]

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