Troy Hewitt

Director, Communications and Connections, uGen World

Troy has been in the business of community building for over two decades. His passion for bringing people together began in the real world as the Community Connections Director and National Faculty Academy Trainer for the YMCA. He moved from the real world into the virtual one soon thereafter, and has since been directing and managing online video game communities across the globe.. Previously he was the Head of Communications for Motiga, the Director of Communications for NcSoft Interactive and Flying Lab Software, and the Online Community Events Manager for Monolith/Warner Brothers. Currently, Troy is a co-founder and Director of Communications and Connections at new startup uGen World, a studio focused on creating a platform to support user-generated content creation in virtual reality.

My Sessions

Building a Lasting Community Influencers Program — for VR Projects and Beyond!

Room 12b

Join us as we share proven tips and tricks around recruiting, managing, and retaining key community influencers! While we will be sharing our findings specific to building community leadership opportunities for VR projects, the tips, tricks and philosophies apply to anyone looking to build deeper connections with their community thought leaders! Finally, beyond simple sharing, […]

Audience Track