Richard Garriott

CEO / Creative Director, Portalarium

Richard Garriott aka Lord British is a key figure in two industries: computer games and commercial spaceflight. In games he has founded 3 noteworthy studios (Origin Systems, Destination Games and Portalarium) where he created the Ultima series and Ultima Online among many other products. He is a hall of fame inductee and lifetime achievement awardee, along with many other game industry awards. In commercial space he is a principal of or co-founded companies such as The X Prize, Space Adventures, Planetary Power and Planetary Resources. His companies have flown every private citizen who has traveled to space on their own, and he himself has flown to the International Space Station. His work in and on commercial space has earned him induction into the environmental hall of fame, the HAM radio hall of fame and he has received many other accolades for his space industry work. Richard’s current product is the crowd funded and crowd sourced RPG Shroud of the Avatar.

My Sessions

Explore & Create: How Exploration & Research Can Feed the Craft of Virtual World Creation

Room 19a

Richard Garriott has spent the last 40 years using his passion for exploration and research about our world to help him craft the virtual worlds he creates. In this talk he shares how his experiences adventuring across, underneath, and over our planet helped him create other planets. He will also share how a commitment to […]

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