Rich Weil

Senior VP Global Operations, ModSquad

Rich Weil is the Senior Vice President of Global Operations at Metaverse Mod Squad, where he is responsible for world-wide project logistics, client services and business development. Prior to joining Metaverse, Rich held positions building and managing Community Relations and Customer Service teams at NCsoft, Kaneva and Cartoon Network. A long-time MMO enthusiast, Rich is a consistent advocate of new ways to engage online communities that blend Community Relations and Customer Support. He is a frequent speaker at major industry events, including the Game Developers Conference, SXSW, PAX, and Game Connection. Prior to joining the game industry in 2004, Rich obtained a degree in Military History from the University of Texas and worked in Human Resources and Management, including as HR Director for a software development consultancy in Austin, Texas.

Advisory Board Member

Building a Lasting Community Influencers Program — for VR Projects and Beyond!

Room 12b

Join us as we share proven tips and tricks around recruiting, managing, and retaining key community influencers! While we will be sharing our findings specific to building community leadership opportunities for VR projects, the tips, tricks and philosophies apply to anyone looking to build deeper connections with their community thought leaders! Finally, beyond simple sharing, […]

Audience Track

Moderation In Virtual Reality

Room 14

Virtual Reality is on the verge of opening up vast new landscapes of gaming experience. Unfortunately, that means that we are also on the cusp of seeing vast new ways of players being jerks to one another. How do you deal with that? Leading Community Management experts from a variety of backgrounds discuss the potential […]

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