Nicole Lazzaro

CEO, XEODesign

Nicole Lazzaro is a world-renowned game developer/designer who pioneered measuring emotions on players’ faces. She designed the first iPhone game and is now the lead engineer for “Follow the White Rabbit” a VR Mystery Adventure™. Culminating a year and a half of research she developed a 36 Point Benchmark to help her VR clients create more compelling VR UX’s and VR experiences. Additionally, she uses XEODesign’s “4 Keys to Fun” to increase emotion from player’s favorite actions in games. One of the ‘Top 20′ women working in video games Nicole has consulted on bestsellers such as The Sims, Myst, and Star Wars. Her clients include EA, Ubisoft, Disney, Kabam, and the White House.

My Sessions

Spatial Learning for Enterprise Augmented Reality

Ballroom G

Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality for the enterprise is going to be an enormous market, ripe with possibilities. Smart glasses and cell phones with spatial learning technology will soon be mass-market, and the need for skilled AR/MR developers is in demand! Join this panel of experts for a deep dive into the technology driving spatial […]

AR/VR Track