Mike Wilson

Founder/Partner and Patron Saint of Communication, Gambitious Partners

I have been an entrepreneur since I was twenty, working to bridge the gap between art and commerce and to work with both the creative and business sides for mutual benefit. I love building great teams and making things go to bring ideas to reality.

Mike is a Founder/Partner and Patron Saint of Communication for Gambitious Partners, the first professional crowdfunding platform made just for the video game industry, combining equity based crowdfunding with the donations/presales model to form an international hybrid funding platform.

My Sessions

Why Your Game Company Can’t Get Funding!

Room 18d

Current and former investors of video game companies share their experience as to why most game companies don’t get funded. Listen to the debate about what it takes to make a game company that ‘at least has a chance’ to get funded, including 5 success stories of game (related) companies that succeeded in raising funds. […]

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