Michael Daubert

Chief Creative Officer, Phaser Lock Interactive

Michael Daubert has been an animator, Art Director, Studio Director and Entrepreneur in the video game and entertainment industry for over 25 years. Michael’s career includes working on and shipping numerous video game titles including Turok the Dinosaur Hunter-Rage Wars, Batman Forever, NFL Quarterback Club, Iggy’s Reckin Balls, Vexx and South Park. Michael started one of the first outsourcing studios in the gaming industry, contributing to over 45 titles including Unreal Tournament, Gears of War, Darksiders, Epic Mickey, and Wizards 101. ¬†As Studio Art Director at Sony Online Entertainment, Michael oversaw artistic and product development on Star Wars Galaxies and DC Universe Online. In 2015, Michael co-founded Phaser Lock Interactive, a VR game studio with its first title Final Approach being a launch title for both the HTC/Vive and Oculus Touch. Michael is currently working on an unannounced title along with bringing Final Approach and Final Approach: Pilot Edition to PlayStation VR.

My Sessions

Interactive VR Design

Ballroom G

Virtual Reality allows users to interact with digital environments with similar gestures and movements to real environments. Positional tracking and hand controllers allow developers to design interactions that utilize natural human movement, and the results can be amazing! This panel of professional developers will cover some of the best virtual interactions that have been created, […]

AR/VR Track