Matt Firor

President, ZeniMax Online Studios

Matt Firor is the Game Director at ZeniMax Online Studios where he oversees development on The Elder Scrolls Online. He has worked for many years in the online game industry, starting out in the late 1980’s by creating worlds for multiplayer text games and was a founding employee of Mythic Entertainment in the mid 1990’s. As Producer, Executive Producer, and VP of Product development at Mythic, Matt oversaw development of over 10 titles, including the MMORPG classic Dark Age of Camelot. He left Mythic in 2006, and founded ZeniMax Online Studios with Bethesda Softworks & ZeniMax Media in 2007 to develop The Elder Scrolls Online.

My Sessions

Mastering the Live Game

Room 14

Running a live game is extremely difficult and dynamic due to all the variables involved. Effectively managing a live game is a blend of both science and art. These panelists have all run major games and will discuss what they learned: both the things that worked well for them, and also some of the initiatives […]

Production Track