Linda “Brasse” Carlson

Director of Community Relations, Trion Worlds

Often better known as her irreverent Dwarven persona “Brasse,” Linda Carlson is a veteran of the online gaming industry and currently the Director of Community Relations at Trion Worlds.

In her day job, Linda manages the team of Community professionals that interact directly with the player community on a daily basis across a widely varied portfolio of games, including Atlas Reactor, Trove, ArcheAge, RIFT, Defiance and Devilian.

On evenings and weekends, she is an avid gamer with a penchant for studying human interaction in the online world and in communities across all genres of gaming. She rubs shoulders with guild leaders and griefers, evangelists and h8trs, and loves nothing more than sharing and exchanging knowledge of this emerging cultural experience.

My Sessions

Moderation In Virtual Reality

Room 14

Virtual Reality is on the verge of opening up vast new landscapes of gaming experience. Unfortunately, that means that we are also on the cusp of seeing vast new ways of players being jerks to one another. How do you deal with that? Leading Community Management experts from a variety of backgrounds discuss the potential […]

Production Track

Trashing Toxicity: How to Massively Change Community Behavior

Room 12b

Tough, toxic communities. Many games have to deal with them, but what can you, as a company, do to fix the problem so it doesn’t take over your game? Community Relations professionals Linda Carlson and Seraphina Brennan, of Trion Worlds, visit the psychological principles behind toxic behavior, how change is possible, and how the company […]

Audience Track