Lex Dreitser

CEO / Creative Director / Certified Unity® Developer, VRVU – Organizer of NYC VR University – Host of Build and Run Podcast

Lex is an award winning VR/AR developer. Over 90% of Virtual Reality is made with Unity®. Lex is likely the foremost Unity® expert in NYC. When he’s not deep in code, developing the future of VR/AR for major brands – he runs NYC VR University – an official Unity® meetup where he and his team teach the community how to make VR and AR – for free. He hosts a 360 video podcast for Unity® developers called Build and Run Build-Run.com. Join him on VRathon.com – an episodic iterative VR hackathon – where you’re able to participate through 360 video.

My Sessions

Spatial Learning for Enterprise Augmented Reality

Ballroom G

Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality for the enterprise is going to be an enormous market, ripe with possibilities. Smart glasses and cell phones with spatial learning technology will soon be mass-market, and the need for skilled AR/MR developers is in demand! Join this panel of experts for a deep dive into the technology driving spatial […]

AR/VR Track