Kurt Melcher

Executive Director of eSports, Robert Morris University / Intersport

Kurt Melcher is the Executive Director of eSports at Robert Morris University and Intersport in Chicago, IL.  Through his efforts, RMU became the first university to recognize eSports as part of the athletic department and offer athletic scholarships to gamers, helping to legitimize the world of collegiate eSports. An athletic administrator and college soccer coach for over 15 years, Melcher recognized the learning elements involved in traditional sports and believes the same hold true for eSports.  Mr. Melcher’s visionary program has been highlighted in a number of prominent news sources including NPR, The New York Times, The Chicago Tribune, Chicago Magazine, ESPN, HBO Real Sports and in the eSports documentary film All Work All Play.

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The Future of eSports

Room 12b

Join us for a stimulating panel discussion about the future of the industry and how experts in this field can work together to make eSports competition accessible to everyone. In recent years, eSports have experienced massive growth. People were watching 1.3 billion hours of eSports content worldwide back in 2012, and that number has increased by […]

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