Ken Demarest

Director of Product Development, Twitch

Ken Demarest is the Director of Product Development at Twitch’s Developer Success department, helping game developers of all kinds use the Twitch platform in innovative ways that drive creativity and revenue. Ken brings to Twitch a wealth of experience across diverse technical and product areas, from game production to massively-scalable processing, payments, and online selling. In his spare time Ken hacks through the Yucatan jungle to discover and survey wild caves.

My Sessions

All Games Can Benefit from the New Game Broadcasting Reality

Room 18d

Increase revenue and ease marketing costs while extending reach with Twitch. Twitch leads the field of Game Content Broadcasting, a rapidly growing reality in the game revenue lifecycle. Ken Demarest will share insights into what has worked for all kinds of games to compete for market visibility and win this new form of revenue.

Business Track

Get ‘Stream Friendly’ to Extend Audience Engagement

Room 12b

Can your game reap the rewards of game broadcasting even if it isn’t a MOBA or an MMO? “Stream Friendly” game design and techniques can give any game a longer, thicker, godzilla-like tail of deeper audience engagement and ‘top of mind’ loyalty for your next product.

Audience Track