John Paul Sommer

Co-founder and Art Director, Gyoza Games

John Paul Sommer is a Senior Level Art Director who has worked for elite game companies like EA, Zynga, Midway, and Microsoft. His deep background in visual design, and interactive game development spans nearly a quarter century and covers many different development platforms, from PC, Console, Mobile, and now VR.  Recently, his passion for creating visually stunning and delightful experiences can be seen in EA’s hit game Minions Paradise, where John served as the Franchise Art Director.  With over 5 million players a day, John was challenged to create an engaging art style that not only upheld Illumination Entertainment’s high standards, but exceeded their expectations by creating new ways players can interact with their beloved Minions. John is also a private pilot and enjoys aerobatic flight in his Christen Eagle biplane.

My Sessions

VR Post-Mortem: Inbound Missile Defense (or How to Create a Quality Product on Limited Time and Budget)

Ballroom G

Having limited resources to develop your game doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice quality. From April to June of 2016, John and John Paul worked feverishly and efficiently to bring Inbound, a quality arcade VR game, to the Vive. Along the way, they developed a very efficient workflow that allowed them to create a game […]

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