Jo Lammert

Animation & Video Game Liaison, Texas Film Commission

Jo Lammert is the Animation & Video Game Liaison at the Texas Film Commission, serving as a steward for the animation, video game, and visual effects industries in the state of Texas. Prior to her role at the Commission, she was co-owner and of White Whale Games, the team behind the critically acclaimed mobile game God of Blades. Additionally, Jo served as one of the operators of Austin’s indie videogame collective Juegos Rancheros. Prior to game development, Jo worked in film and television production, and also earned her MSIS studying digital collections and digital libraries at the School of Information at the University of Texas.

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State of Games in the State of Texas

Room 18d

Texas has played a major role in the video game industry since the 1980s, and continues to remain a growing hub for production. Texas is 2nd in the nation for video game development, as measured by job numbers today. Texas is home to over 200 publishing and development companies and has created over 5,500 jobs. […]

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