Jim Cherry

Founder and Lead Developer, ServiceMedia.net

Jim Cherry is founder and lead developer at ServiceMedia.net, an independent Austin-based studio focused on realtime 3D development and content management systems. Service Media been on the forefront of AR/VR technology, and has developed multiple apps and games for AR smartglasses and VR hardware. After graduating UT Austin, Jim’s tech career started in the mid 1990’s, first in tech support, then learning to create and manage websites and interactive experiences in numerous startup technology companies.  Eventually an interest in realtime 3D led him to discover Unity3D, upon which he has built his practice ever since.  His company has been serving customers in education, corporate training, marketing and advertising, as well as the game industry, for over a decade.

My Sessions

Spatial Learning for Enterprise Augmented Reality

Ballroom G

Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality for the enterprise is going to be an enormous market, ripe with possibilities. Smart glasses and cell phones with spatial learning technology will soon be mass-market, and the need for skilled AR/MR developers is in demand! Join this panel of experts for a deep dive into the technology driving spatial […]

AR/VR Track