Jeannie Voirin-Gerde

Creative Director, Pixels and User Experience, uGen World

Jeannie has worked as an experience designer in the games industry for over 16 years. With a real passion for supporting online communities by creating immersive and engaging experiences both in and out of games. As a champion of the end user, she is deeply committed to creating fun, intuitive and immersive user experiences across multiple platforms. She has left her mark on franchises like Halo, Age of Empires, Guild Wars, Aion, WildStar and Gigantic, just a few of the 44 titles on her resume. Currently, Jeannie is Co-Founder and Creative Director at uGen in Kirkland WA and is excited to make her mark in the VR Gaming space.

My Sessions

Building a Lasting Community Influencers Program — for VR Projects and Beyond!

Room 12b

Join us as we share proven tips and tricks around recruiting, managing, and retaining key community influencers! While we will be sharing our findings specific to building community leadership opportunities for VR projects, the tips, tricks and philosophies apply to anyone looking to build deeper connections with their community thought leaders! Finally, beyond simple sharing, […]

Audience Track