Jared Finder

Software Engineer, Unity Lead, Google

Jared leads development of the Unity SDK for Google’s Tango – a project bringing 6DOF tracking and depth sensing to mobile platforms. Before Google, Jared made video games for over 15 years for mobile, PC, and console platforms such as Neverwinter, Star Trek Online, and Diner Dash. As a kid he always wanted to be a game developer and placed third internationally in a video game contest at age thirteen. ┬áHe is excited to be working on making augmented reality gaming a real reality.

My Sessions

Spatial Learning for Enterprise Augmented Reality

Ballroom G

Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality for the enterprise is going to be an enormous market, ripe with possibilities. Smart glasses and cell phones with spatial learning technology will soon be mass-market, and the need for skilled AR/MR developers is in demand! Join this panel of experts for a deep dive into the technology driving spatial […]

AR/VR Track