Jamil Moledina

Games Strategic Lead, Google Play

Jamil has 20 years of industry experience, going from GDC director to game startup CEO, now leads games strategic partnerships at Google Play to bring great games to Android platforms. This includes setting outreach strategy for curating key game segments on the store, ranging from AAA publishers to indies, and managing rockstar partner managers who serve as direct points of contact for them. The team’s support includes providing technical resources, business optimization, and editorial featuring. Through Google Play, Jamil also manages the curation of games portfolios for nascent platforms, currently for Daydream, Google’s high performance mobile VR platform.

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Keynote: Jamil Moledina, Games Strategic Lead, Google Play

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The Next Frontier: We are at a new inflection point in games. Worldwide, people deeply want to engage with new experiences that grant their wishes. The benchmarks set with prior mobile, PC, and console models start to dissolve when gameplay, community, and new technology are tuned with a glove-like fit. The overnight success of Pokemon […]