Guy Costantini

Global Brand Director, CD PROJEKT RED

Guy Costantini is the Global Brand Director for CD PROJEKT RED, makers of The Witcher series, Gwent and Cyberpunk 2077. The only thing he loves more than games are his family and bringing amazing games to players. Before getting into games half a decade ago, he worked several years in the high-growth tech startup and music industries in New York, but he was not in games and was encouraged to wear suits so instead he quit that and went on to doing what he loves in Southern California. He has been bringing awesome to players since he was part of the whole League of Legends thing in his Riot Games days and also spent some time with mobile games working at Kabam on Marvel: Contest of Champions and Star Wars: Uprising.

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New School Player Relations

Room 14

As communications channels continue to grow in number, scope, and complexity, standard PR/Marketing/Community/Customer Service channels seem increasingly insufficient to truly take advantage of emerging technology and methods. Instead of continuing to re-arrange roles and responsibilities between traditional departmental structures, it could be time for a new approach that integrates channels like streamers and influencers into […]

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