Elizabeth Howard

Vice President of Publishing, Aspyr Media

Elizabeth Howard serves as the Vice President of Publishing at Aspyr Media, a leading publisher of AAA video games across all major platforms. As a 14-year veteran of the games industry, Elizabeth has contributed greatly to the growth and success of Aspyr, which celebrates its 20th anniversary this year in Austin, Texas.

Aspyr is best known as the #1 games publisher bringing the biggest AAA brands, such as Call of Duty and Civilization, to the Mac platform. Today, Elizabeth expands Aspyr’s business focus to publish the best gaming content available — from indie hits to AAA blockbusters — across all major platforms including Steam, PlayStation, Xbox, Google and Apple.

Elizabeth has invested much of her career managing brand licensing, global marketing and promotion, platform relationships, business development, sales, and distribution of both AAA franchises and emerging indie games across all major gaming platforms. When not busy discovering great new games or driving toward an upcoming cross-platform launch, Elizabeth enjoys being outdoors in beautiful Austin with her two children and schooling them in the ways of old-school video game classics.

Advisory Board Member

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