Dan Dunham

Programmer, Panic Button Games LLC

Dan Dunham is a software engineer and game designer whose career in the game industry started with Epic Mickey 2 at Junction Point Studios.  He has since gone on to work on such titles as Wizard 101, the Disney Infinity series and Primal Carnage.  He has worked on projects spanning nearly all platforms – PC, Consoles and Mobile – and currently enjoys his day job at Panic Button LLC. helping to improve the projects sent their way.  At night Dan becomes a VR vigilante and has been exploring the game space in VR while sane people sleep.  He’s currently working on the VR Platformer (I know right!?) To The Top during hours when his sanity meter is lowest.

My Sessions

AR/VR Wizards

Ballroom G

Advancements in technology now allow for a new level of immersive interactive experiences. The term “mixed-reality” is used in many ways for both AR and VR to describe the convincing presence that can be created. This panel of expert developers discusses techniques for creating immersive user experiences, and some of the important lessons learned over […]

AR/VR Track