Damion Schubert

Design Director, Boss Fight Austin

Damion Schubert is a 20 year game design veteran.  He is most well known for his design leadership on Meridian 59 and Star Wars: the Old Republic, as well as being a frequent speaker and writer on the topics of game design.  He is now the Design Director for the Austin branch of Bossfight Entertainment, where last year he was Project Owner for the hit mobile game Dungeon Boss, and is currently working on an unannounced project.

My Sessions

The Marriage of Monetization and Design

Room 19a

Since we first were asked to insert one more quarters to continue, games have been striving to find the balance between getting players to plunk down for one more game, while still ensuring the experiences we design are fun, engaging and fair. Nowadays, the games industry is in a Wild West of game monetization tactics, […]

Design Track