Brent Insko

Lead Software Architect, Virtual Reality Group, Intel

Brent is lead software architect in the Virtual Reality Group at Intel.  Prior to this, he was director of 3D software performance for Intel’s graphics drivers and for the past decade Intel’s representative in the Khronos Group driving forward the OpenGL, OpenGL ES, and Vulkan graphics API specifications.  His focus has returned to virtual reality after a fifteen year hiatus, having completed his doctoral research on VR at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill under Fred Brooks.  During his downtime in the non-virtual world, he enjoys hiking and windsurfing in the Columbia River Gorge near his home in Portland, Oregon.

My Sessions

The Impact of the Expanding VR/AR Landscape on Developers

Ballroom G

Virtual Reality places enormous burden on the computing platform to drive compelling user experiences beyond traditional gaming. Find out some of the challenges facing developers as the VR landscape evolves from niche markets into the mainstream, what developers can do to prepare and how Intel is working to help developers overcome those challenges.

AR/VR Track