Arnie Jorgensen

Art Director / Co-Owner, Stoic

Upon graduating from the Kubert School based in Dover, New Jersey, Arnie worked at Rolling Stone Magazine and as a penciler for DC Comics. In the following years he’s worked for almost all major comic companies and pencilled such titles as Legion, X-Force, Magneto, Prometheus, JLA and Arkaga, a creator owned title through Image Comics.

Arnie then switched industries to work as a concept artist in video games and has worked with such companies as Ion Storm (concept artist/3d artist), Retro Studios (Lead Concept Artist), Sony (Head Production Designer: Star Wars Galaxies) and Bioware (Lead Concept Artist: Star Wars the Old Republic) as well as working a few years as a freelance artist for various other game companies.

In 2012 he co-founded the indie video game studio Stoic and began working on the Banner Saga. The company has since won Games Industry Innovation Awards, Geeky Awards, DICE Awards, Pocket Gamer Awards and three BAFTA nominations as well as various other awards and nominations.

He currently lives in Georgetown, Texas and continues developing more games in the Banner Saga series.

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