The Future of eSports

Room 12b

Join us for a stimulating panel discussion about the future of the industry and how experts in this field can work together to make eSports competition accessible to everyone. In recent years, eSports have experienced massive growth. People were watching 1.3 billion hours of eSports content worldwide back in 2012, and that number has increased by over 20% for each of the past few years. Suffice to say, eSports are huge. However, the industry has the potential to become even bigger by focusing on a relatively untapped market. Right now, the only eSports athletes in the spotlight are the truly professional gamers who travel the world to compete in big, televised competitions. In order to make eSports increasingly mainstream, it’s important to realize that these well-known professional players are only the tip of the iceberg in a much larger potential ecosystem. The eSports industry has been developed nicely at this level of competition for the top 1% of players, but it’s been lagging behind in developing the rest of the ecosystem for the remaining 99% of players who range from beginner to advanced.

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