Building a Lasting Community Influencers Program — for VR Projects and Beyond!

Room 12b

Join us as we share proven tips and tricks around recruiting, managing, and retaining key community influencers! While we will be sharing our findings specific to building community leadership opportunities for VR projects, the tips, tricks and philosophies apply to anyone looking to build deeper connections with their community thought leaders! Finally, beyond simple sharing, we will be providing participants access to materials and resources designed to help your organizations relationship builders hit the ground running!

  • Let’s define an influencer, and ask why you think you need them
  • Where to find influencers and how to recruit them!
  • Grow your own: Cultivating influencers in your own backyard
  • Manage your influencers so they stick around: Making it truly meaningful
  • Empowering your influencers to have agency and ownership
  • Evolving your influencer program to be more than an extra mouthpiece
Audience Track

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