Intel GPA Engineers Offering 1-on-1 Hands On Sessions with AGC Attendees

intel_rgb_agc-web-siteThe Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers team is offering hands on performance tuning for games at the Austin Game Developers Conference!  Participants will have the opportunity to have their game analyzed by Intel performance optimization experts and Intel® GPA.   Each session is a one-on-one 90 minute session to ask questions about performance, learn Intel® GPA and understand performance opportunities within YOUR game!

What you need to do:

  • Make sure you are registered for Austin Game Conference
  • Send an email to if you are interested and to get more details.
  • Bring your application with you to the Austin Game Developer Conference.  (.apk, .exe) If the game is available on steam, please provide a steam key before the event so they can download the game on the analysis system.

At the workshop:

  • Meet Intel to get your game ready to be analyzed by our experts.  Together you will get the analysis system ready with your game and Intel® GPA.
  • Once the system is ready, Intel experts will analyze your game with you one-on-one for 90 minutes.
  • Once the 90 minutes are up, you will have a better understanding of your game’s performance and how to use Intel® GPA!